Recording Studio

Whether you are recording radio, podcast, or music content multiple times each month, our membership program offers unlimited access to a soundproofed studio for high-fidelity audio recording.  Studio memberships have access to the adjacent office space for collaboration or hang out space with guests.  Have an idea for a podcast but aren't familiar with recording and the equipment to do it?  Don't worry.  Our staff of professional sound engineers offer a complimentary session to help you learn the technical aspect of the recording industry, that way your production quality matches the quality of your ideas.

Studio Membership

-Unlimited Studio access - Record as much as you want

-Social media boosting - Active online presence to boost and increase audience for your podcast

-Weekly Improv & Writing classes

Contact Stephen Taylor for membership rates and to learn more about what our Studio Memberships offer!

We offer competitive rates for non-membership studio rentals:

Hourly Studio Rental: $35/hr

Sound Engineer: Additional $20/hr

Contact Us for additional information and booking studio time or see the calendar below for available times.

Ready to get started but not sure how? Contact Ryan Riggs at for booking times and more info.