Petty. Single. & Always Late

Join the chronically petty, perpetually single, and always *extremely* late BFF's Bitsy & Weston. Listen in comedic horror as these tongue-in-cheek Millennials take on a Baby Boomer world with big hearts, and even bigger opinions. He is gay and she is straight, but both are petty as hell.

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Set to Destroy

Two Kansas City comedians invite guests to review their old stand-up comedy sets. These sets are then promptly trashed, torn apart, and completely destroyed. New episodes every other week.

4 SZNS Podcast

4 SZNS NBA Podcast is made up of Zak Noble and Ryan Magdziarz. Ryan, is an NBA writer that played D2 basketball at a high level. Zak has been studying the game for years, and has experience in player representation. Why you might listen? Is our top notch guests, our dynamic chemistry, charisma, diversity of our personalities, and extreme knowledge on the game from two different perspectives. Our main source for listeners is Apple Podcasts but we are on every main channel: Spotify, YouTube, Stitcher, CLNS, Itunes, Soundcloud and Now Dash Radio weekly on Thursday's at 6CT. 

Raytown Public Radio Sports Desk

Ever hung out at the Raytown Pool Hall? Well, if you listen to this podcast, you don't have to. A few buddies from the Missouri hamlet rehash poor decisions from the past and all things Kansas City sports, sprinkling in some current events, pop culture and local politics, of course.

Things I Learned Last Night

Every night before bed Tim takes sometime to read as much as possible about some random subject. For years it has done nothing but give him an unnecessary amount of information about little known facts. Jaron has known Tim all along this journey and as a result has learned a substantial amount of useless trivia. Things I Learned Last Night is a window into the conversations Jaron and Tim have chronicling this useless knowledge. Subscribe to the podcast and you’ll learn a little, laugh a lot and probably get to know the guys a little better.

That's KC!

That’s KC focuses on true crime and paranormal stories in Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas and its surrounding areas.

Hosted by Hillary Batliner (KS) and Hilari Holt (MO).

Each episode also features local beverages and eats from either both, or one state, a KC fun fact and a tip about escape rooms! New episodes every Friday.

What’s in the Adic?

What's In The Adic? started in the pantry at Kauffman Stadium. Adam and Nic would chat every game and other employees would stop and listen. After numerous people mentioning that Adam and Nic should start a show, they finally listened. Adam became the Ad and Nic became the Ic.

The boys in the Adic love sports, brackets, and love getting drunk on Saturday mornings. Conversations include baseball, football, beer, and welcoming all opinions. Any opinion can be a fantastic opinion, as long as they have a good reason. Nic, Adam, and Chris put out new episode every Sunday on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Porchcast Podcast

The Porchcast Podcast is an improv comedy hour with Cary, Ryan, and Dane interviewing a blend of local artists and strange characters from all over the world.  The Porchcasters dive deep into the life stories of each guest, sometimes entertaining ridiculous business ventures and inventions either real or imagined. Sing alongs, rapid-fire political discourse, and bad puns follow the Porchcast crew to a different remote "porch" location each week. New episodes every Monday.


How does sailor moon change so quickly? (She probably doesn't) Is using a mythical Death Note to remotely kill bad guys unethical (it probably is).  Is there an explanation for magic in anime and manga? (No, it's probably just magic). Join budding genius and anime enthusiasts Gia and her former teacher Cary as they discuss G's favorite anime's and try their hardest to explain some of the crazier details in real-world ways.